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What's the day job, my guy?

I'm employed by the government as an investigator. If I say more I may have to kill u - literally I can't really be saying what my role is lol

Side hustle?

I'm a qualified personal trainer, so I help people get into and stay in great shape. I also do youth mentoring.

How you coping during lockdown?

Man was out here coping fine until Boris got involved...Kidding. Serious answer: I was fine for the first few weeks and then went into a weird dip where my energy and focus dropped. Thankfully, I am still on top of my fitness, but this is a mental challenge more than a physical one.

What are you looking forward to most post-lockdown?

Human Interaction! Just being able to see people in person and have a sit down meal would be nice... it's crazy how we forget how privileged we are as a country until we become restricted.

Do you have a special offer for Peng Cam users?

Yes. Personal training discounts. My availability is mad limited but if you DM me with the discount code 'peng cam PT' I will offer u 20% off as long as you're supporting my Insta page... I'd also encourage u to get ur kids involved with any sessions I offer (if you have kids). Training as a family is beneficial.

You can be found @:

raisingboys_2men on Instagram

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