Find The Peng

The Peng Cam Competition

Searching for Pengness (Where’s Peng?/Good Peng Hunting/Finding Peng).

Peng can mean any of or all of:

Excellent (or Extraordinary)
Gorgeous (or Great)

We created the Peng Cam app to allow anybody to capture a Peng moment whether that is a person or a thing.

The Peng Cam competition is very simple. We have two tiers of prizes.


Tier one is for the pengest ting (non-living thing or moment). Take a peng pic of a beautiful sunset, a sexy car, get the drift.


Tier two is for the pengest person (male and female categories) you see. Take a peng pic to capture that human pengness.

E-mail us your peng pics and our judges will select the winners. The winners will receive:

Peng Ting (moment or thing): £250
Peng Male: £500
Peng Female: £500

Main Rules

  1. Users can submit multiple entries.
  2. Only entries taken using the Peng Cam app will be valid for selection (the Peng Cam app is only available through the iTunes app stores).
  3. All entries should e-mailed to:
  4. NB: Apple is not involved in any way with the Peng Cam competition
  5. NB: Apple is not a sponsor of the Peng Cam competition